Queshark Anti Slip Gym Gloves


Get your Queshark Anti Slip Gym Gloves suitable for both men and women. If you are needing gloves for Body Building get this Half Finger Fitness Gloves Anti-slip. Weight Lifting for Sports Training these Fingerless Gloves would be good.



Type: Weight Lifting Glove;
Brand Name: QUESHARK

Queshark Gym Gloves Men Women Body Building Half Finger Fitness Gloves Anti-slip Weight Lifting Sports Training Fingerless Gloves

Product Features:

– Condition: 100% Brand New
– Color: Red, Black, Green, Blue
– Size: S, M, L, XL, XXL
– Sports: Cycling, Gym, Weight Lifting, Fitness Training, Climbing, Running
– Style: Half Finger, Fingerless
Size: S—-palm width is about 8-8.5cm.
         M—-palm width is about 8.5-9cm.
         L—-palm width is about 9-9.5cm.
        XL—-palm width is about 9.5-10cm.
       XXL—-palm width is about 10-10.5cm.



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